The first patient visit is a time where Dr. Hayman gathers information and asks questions.  The first appointment varies between one to two hours, depending on the complexity of the case.  She compiles an initial treatment plan, which usually includes the addition of basic supplements, as well as gathering necessary lab work and past medical records.  

Once the lab work and records are gathered, Dr. Hayman meets for a follow-up appointment where she formalizes a comprehensive treatment plan.  It usually takes two weeks from the initial appointment to the follow-up appointment.  During this time, Dr. Hayman researches every patient's case, and with difficult cases she presents it to experts. 

Please note:  To maintain better air quality, Dr. Hayman's office is a fragrance-free environment.


Dr. Hayman is not contracted with any insurance health care plan.  However, flex benefit spending and health savings accounts will cover the cost of the office visit and/or in-office treatment.  Typically, these plans will accept any licensed or certified in-state health care practitioner.  Make sure to call your provider for details on this matter.  If you have privately-funded insurance or a government-funded health care program, then please read below.

Privately funded insurance plans

  • If the patient has private insurance, Dr. Hayman will be considered an out-of-network provider.  She can offer you a superbill with the appropriate CPT code and diagnosis code for full or partial reimbursement (if this is applicable to your particular plan).
  • Routine blood work, pap smear cytology, urinalysis, and imaging ordered through conventional laboratories and imaging centers (such as LabCorp, Sonora Quest, and Verde Valley Medical Center) can usually be covered through most private insurance plans.  
  • Some naturopathic specialty labs can be covered through private insurance.
  • Patients are encouraged to check with their insurance provider to see if blood work is covered when ordered by an out-of-network provider.

Government funded health care programs

  • Dr. Hayman works with many patients on government assisted health care programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or AHCCCS.  However, the patient is encouraged to establish care with an in-network provider to have blood work and imaging 100% covered.  
  • Dr. Hayman likes to request lab work on the first visit, and then have the patient meet with their naturopathic-friendly in-network provider to ask about ordering the appropriate blood panels.  
  • If the patient does not have an in-network provider at the time, then Dr. Hayman can recommend a list of naturopathic-friendly in-network providers practicing in the Verde Valley area.
  • Some naturopathic specialty lab work is covered through government assisted health care programs.  Some labs covered include Urine Toxic Metals, Food Sensitivity Panels, Adrenal Function Tests, Comprehensive Stool Analysis, etc...  However, again, these labs will need to be run through a naturopathic-friendly in-network provider.