In my mid 20s, I felt frustrated with my body, my health and the difficulty I met in getting doctors to hear me. My search for the right doctor brought me to Dr. Hayman, who recently opened her practice. After my first appointment, I knew that while it would be a slow, gradual process, there was hope that I would eventually be well. I knew I would have to make significant, long term changes, one of those being my diet. I had been vegan for about two years prior to meeting Dr. Hayman, and this diet was exacerbating my symptoms. While some doctors would have been more forceful and adamant that I change my diet, Dr. Hayman was respectful and instead gave me tools and resources to find out for myself that this diet was not going to help me heal. My experience working with Dr. Hayman was nothing but empowering. I appreciate that Dr. Hayman practices the notion that we are many systems working together - a product of our environments. She truly cares for her patients, and her compassion is undeniable. She is so willing to spend the time needed, whether it be face-to-face or over the phone. I am so grateful that my path led me to her and can say without a doubt that Dr. Hayman changed my life.
— Britta, age 27, Tucson
Working with Dr. Jessica Hayman has been life changing for me and my family! Dr. Hayman seeks the root cause of health concerns and creates an achievable plan, which works on deeper levels than allopathic medicine often does. Instead of masking symptoms, Dr. Hayman treats the source. I feel that in this day and age of quick fixes, this approach is quite revolutionary. In my case, after a specific cleansing program, my health has greatly improved and the greatest blessing is that I was able to bring a healthy, full-term baby into the world at age 44. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Hayman. She is also incredibly personable. She is a rare professional working with the utmost of integrity.
— Sarah, age 44, Sedona
After much researching, stabbing at symptoms, trying everything under the sun, I found Dr. Hayman! Some lovely moms told me how she helped them balance their hormones after babies, and I had a sneaking suspicion mine were out of whack. Well, sure enough, the doc knew what I needed and helped me wake up! I actually go to sleep like a normal person now and wake refreshed. After deciding to go ahead with genetic testing, 23andme, she found even more issues that need to be addressed and are most likely the root cause of my issues. Yippee! I am ready to meet the new me, and with Dr. Jessica Hayman leading the way, I am sure no stone will be left unturned. I am deeply grateful for her care, her patience, her knowledge, and her kindness.
— Julie, Cottonwood
For anyone searching for a Sedona Naturopath, Jessica Hayman is by far what you’re looking for. She loves what she does and brings enthusiasm when dealing with her patients. I feel she has gone above and beyond getting us into appointments, answering questions that we have, and with her follow-up of our progress. She is a true professional who puts her clients first. She truly loves what she does.
— Danielle, age 39, Sedona
What impressed me the most about Dr. Hayman was her attention to detail. Her assessment process was thorough and respectful. Since the beginning of treatment, I noticed a near immediate difference in the way my body felt in a way I never experienced through modern medicine alone. Dr. Hayman helped me improve my confidence in my body’s own abilities to heal and self-regulate. Only after making recommended changes to my diet, I became aware of how accustomed my body was to feeling poorly for so many years. I was pleasantly surprised to see all the ways in which my general well-being and functioning has improved after implementing my treatment plan with Dr. Hayman. I would highly recommend Dr. Hayman to anyone seeking improvement in their quality of life through nutrition and health.
— Robert, age 33, Cottonwood
Since seeing Dr. Jessica Hayman and with her guidance, I feel like my body is getting stronger, and preparing an environment for healing. She gave me suggestions to help strengthen my systems so that my body could rebalance itself on the road to health. I can feel that happening within and it is an inspiring process to be consciously caring for my body in this way so that it can heal itself. Dr. Hayman is knowledgeable, present, compassionate, and dedicated to your journey together. What I value about her is not only her knowledge but the fact that she truly cares about your health and is so invested in helping you make healthy choices on the road to wholeness.
— Lynn, age 35, Sedona
I first visited with Dr. Hayman in October of 2011. The first appointment we went over my health history, supplements, etc. Dr. Hayman asked a lot of questions and was very detailed reviewing my diet, exercise regime, and vitamins. She recommended some testing to be done and a whole treatment plan was prepared for me including supplementation, diet recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, testing/lab recommendations and a follow-up was planned to assess my progress. I found her extremely easy to talk to; it was like talking to an old friend. I had been having a severe problem with candida for years and Dr. Hayman was able to help me relieve my symptoms of bloating, irritability and digestive issues I was having. Even though I don’t live in the same city as her, follow-up consultations were easy since I was able to use my Ipad to “face-time” and communicate with her. I have, since meeting with Dr. Hayman, changed my diet and have definitely seen an improvement in my overall health.

My daughter also had a consultation with her and has definitely seen an improvement in her overall health. She enjoyed meeting with Dr. Hayman also. My family and I believe that you can heal from within and totally embrace the naturopathic approach to medicine. One of my favorite quotes is one written by Thomas Edison: “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” I believe that Dr. Hayman embraces this approach to medicine. I will definitely be recommending her to my friends and family!
— Kim, Scottsdale