Acupressure & Gemstone Facials


For those who are afraid of needles or just want to try something different, gemstones are a unique and powerful experience.  Dr. Bailey places gemstones over acupuncture points using gentle pressure to achieve a similar response as that gained from acupuncture needles.  She is also able to perform gemstone facials, which focus on the face and neck.  Using the gemstones to gently massage the skin as well as placing them on facial acupuncture points to achieve lifting, firming, and detoxifying results.  Dr. Bailey uses only the finest quality gemstones to achieve the best possible results.  Her training in gemstone therapy is from Dr. Sarah Hazel.

The company she gets her gemstones from ensures that they are ethically harvested and have never been contacted with radiation. Check out their website at:


"Whenever the art of medicine is loved, there is also love of humanity."
- Hippocrates


Dr. Jessica Hayman

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Dr. Stephanie Bailey

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